Saturday, December 04, 2004

Rotasa Foundation

The Exhibition and Catalog Award for Contemporary Art Jewelry

The Exhibition and Catalog Award for Contemporary Art Jewelry was created in 2004 by Rotasa Foundation to offer financial support to institutions staging exhibitions of the work of art jewelry artists and producing related catalogs. The Foundation believes such exhibitions and catalogs will enhance the reputation and public understanding of the fields of art jewelry and related metalsmithing.
The Award is intended to encourage and support the production of either a) retrospective exhibitions or midcareer surveys of the work of single artists who have contributed to the contemporary development of jewelry and related metalsmithing in innovative and thoughtful ways since 1960 or b) theme shows that stimulate new ways of thinking about jewelry as an art form. Rotasa Foundation seeks to support exhibitions with a rigor and a discipline in their choice of work as well as in their theme. Rotasa Foundation is also interested in supporting traveling exhibitions.
The Rotasa Foundation may provide grants to one or more recipients every calendar year. Although more than one grant may be made within a calendar year, no more than $50,000 will be awarded annually. Applicants will be encouraged to seek additional funding elsewhere, if necessary, to cover the total expense of an exhibit.
Museums, universities, other non-profit exhibition spaces and other organizations that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code may apply for the Exhibition and Catalog Award for Contemporary Jewelry to support exhibitions originating within the United States that are scheduled to open prior to 2008.

Individual artists, individual curators not affiliated with tax-exempt institutions, exhibitions originating outside of the United States and exhibitions scheduled later than 2008 will not be considered for the Exhibition and Catalog Award for Contemporary Jewelry. In addition, previous awardees must wait four years before they are again eligible for the grant.

All applications will be reviewed by Rotasa Foundation. The criteria listed below will be considered in evaluating all applications:
• The quality of the work of the exhibited artist(s).
• The significance of the exhibited art or artist’s contributions to the field.
• The conceptual strength of the exhibit’s theme (if applicable).
• The quality of the writing of the selected essayist for the catalog.
• The quality of the photography to be used in the catalog.
• The potential public and professional impact of the exhibition.
• The exhibition’s potential for traveling to additional venues.
• The feasibility of producing the project with consideration to its proposed budget.
• The quality of the exhibition space and the display plan.

The application for the Exhibition and Catalog Award for Contemporary Jewelry should be no longer than 10, single-spaced, single-sided pages (excluding slides and bios and writing samples) and must include the following:
1. Description of the exhibition concept and curatorial justification for the exhibition’s importance at this time.
2. Description of the exhibition with reference to review criteria.
3. Checklist of works by participating artist or artists.
4. Visual aids- actual photos of work to be included (see REQUIREMENTS REGARDING VISUAL AIDS below)
5. Resume of the selected catalog essayist and samples of his or her writing.
6. Amount of assistance requested accompanied by a realistic budget that details how the exhibition will be organized and how funds will be expended, including:
a. Amount budgeted for a catalog including a description of the size, the number of pages, the amount published, the number of images included and quality of the printing.
b. Source(s) and amount of funding in place (or description of amount and nature of costs to be covered by institution’s operating budget, if applicable).
c. Amounts for publicity and outreach, the design of display, insurance, crating, and shipping.
d. Exhibition fees to be charged to venues for traveling the exhibition (if applicable).
7. A short description of the institution with a list of past exhibitions and publications.
8. Resume of the curator and other qualified art professionals who are responsible for the exhibition. Resume should list past projects.
9. In addition, the application may, but is not required, to include the following:

a. Letters of support by directors of potential venues, or key individuals in the field.
b. No more than 3 examples of past catalogues produced for applicants prior exhibitions.
c. Links to applicable websites for additional information.
The foundation will ONLY accept a sheet of 20 slides for review or 20 color prints. Each slide must be numbered, marked for right reading, and labeled with the name of the institution, along with the name of the artist, medium, size and date. A separate list of the numbered slides must be included and must repeat this information. The list may contain a brief narrative- one or two sentences- about the artwork.

All applications for the current year must be received by August 18, 2006. Notification of applicants will occur no later than October 27, 2006.

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